Dear Camp Angels,

My name is Mattison  (I go by Matti), and I have been a Type 1 Diabetic for over seven year, which is over half my life. While no one asks to be a T1, I try to look at the positives and see all that I have gained. I was so fortunate to attend Diabetes camp a few months after being diagnosed and they have been part of my family ever since. It is a place that embraces you from the moment you set foot in the gates and where everyone understands your daily struggles. At school I am Matti the “diabetic” but at diabetes camp I am just Matti, which I cannot express how good that feels.

Being a T1 has shown me how strong I am and how to push myself in everything I do. I am an avid reader, Vice President of my School’s National Junior Honor Society, a proud member of the Yearbook squad and outside of school you can find me on the lacrosse field. Being a T1 does not slowed me down.

It would be a great honor to receive a scholarship from Camp Angels. While my parents always find a way to send me to Camp , I know they go without so I would love to help them. Your consideration is greatly appreciated.


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