Dear Camp Angels:

Thank you so much for sponsoring me to camp. I love going to camp because I get to see how many kids like me have diabetes, and there are plenty more out there. I can’t believe I have had diabetes for 6 years now. I have been going to camp since I was 5, I am now 12.

When I go to camp I like to see my friends. Going to camp has made me more independent with my shots. Camp has also made me more comfortable with my change outs for my pump. When I go to camp I have LOTS of fun. I love all the activities that we do. I love going on the blob, swimming out to the middle of the lake and canoeing. Sail boating is cool but it can also be challenging. One time my friend and I got stuck out in the middle of the lake, it was a good laugh.

Well, Thank you again.


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