Why Donate To Camp Angels?

The Centers for Disease Control estimates 1 in every 3 citizens in the United States will have diabetes by 2050.

Research has shown proper management reduces or eliminates complications; because diabetes is a disease that must be self-managed, diabetes education is essential.

No one should have manage their diabetes alone, and diabetes camps and other programs have been proven to effectively and efficiently train youth to manage their diabetes.

Diabetes camps have also been shown to reduce diabetes-related stress on children and teens living with diabetes as well as their families.

You Can Transform a Child or Teen Living with T1D

You, as all donors, want to make a large difference with your donation.

Research has shown that diabetes camps are one of the best things you can provide a diabetic child besides a cure.

All children supported by Camp Angels come from financially challenged families.

Camp Angels summer camps have been shown to be effective diabetes education programs for the campers. Campers not only learn to care for their diabetes, but also how to plan their meals to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Helping Children and Teens Living with Diabetes and Their Families

Our mission is to help children and teens living with diabetes, and their families.

Unfortunately many families are not able to provide this unique opportunity to their diabetic children because of their financial situation and the high cost of caring for this disease. Camp Angels is the only non-profit organization whose sole purpose is to help these specific diabetic children attend camp where they will learn to care for their lifelong disease and be able to live long healthy, happy and productive lives.

Camp Angels provides partial scholarships to diabetic children throughout the U.S. where they can attend a camp that is staffed by nurses, physicans and dietitians who are epxerienced in medical care. these camps are safe placed where kids can feel they are not alone living with diabetes.

Our goal is that no diabetic child be denied the opportunity to attend camp due to the inability to pay. We try to obtain this goal by finding angels in the form of individuals, organizations and businesses to help sponsor out scholarship program. All contributions are tax-deductible and donors are sent letters from the campers they help sponsor.

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