Testimonials From Our Donors

"As a hotel we are in the business of giving people memorable experiences and that doesn't just happen in our hotel but in our communities as well. Nothing brightens our day more than getting a letter from a diabetic camper that has had a great camp experience partially because of our donation and that is a gift that will last us a lifetime."
Abigail Flynn
Hilton Inns
"Judging from the letters from campers I have supported, the camp experience for a child can be life changing. By attending camp with other diabetic children and counselors, these youngsters soon realize that they are not alone and that their condition can be managed without dominating their lives. I'm amazed at how many of these young people arrive at camp thinking, "Why me?" and leave saying "No problem, I can handle this.""
Dan Johnson
Stephen Bader & Co. Inc. - Valley Falls, N.Y.
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