Dear Camp Angels,
I have been going to Diabetes Camp for more years than I can count. I think it will be 7 years now. I started out as a camper there as a young kid. It was a wonderful place for me. See the year I was diagnosed I had planned to go to a day camp where we did different adventures each day, anything from paintball to kayaking. I was crushed that I couldn’t go considering I had just been diagnosed and there was no real medical staff on hand at this camp. My parents vowed they would find me a camp where I could go out and adventure while still being safe and cared for. Camp adventure was that place. We do not let the fact that we all have diabetes stand in the way of us doing anything. Through the years I have moved up from camper to councilor to EMT and lifeguard. I love all the wonderful, caring, and amazing people who work there, and I love the experiences I get to have there each year. This year I got to help start to plan some of the possible events for next year and not once did we stop to talk about weather something would pose and issue because we are diabetic. This just drives home the point that the amazing staff and the mentality will not let diabetes stand in the way of anything we do.

Thank you so much for all that you do Camp Angels to make this camp a reality!


A devoted and long time camper


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