Dear Camp Angels,

Ella was diagnosed at age 5. She just turned 11 years old and she is doing ok but she is the only one at her school that has diabetes.  She’s a trooper but she still feels alone and, in her words, “not normal.” She attended overnight diabetes camp for the first time in 2019. I had thought it would be hard for her to let me go, the minute she saw the girls who she attended day camp with she pushed me out the door!! She still struggles in being the only one with diabetes in her school but after that week at camp I saw a change in her.  She was more into learning about carb counting and eating healthier.  She also gained confidence in having Diabetes. She was heartbroken when camp was not held due to Covid.

A little about me.  I’m a divorced mother with minimal help from her father without causing a horrible fight! I am disabled and living on a check that barely gets us through the month and little to no help from her dad.  Without a camp scholarship it would be almost impossible for Ella to attend the weeklong diabetes camp. I hope you can find a Camp Angel to help my daughter Ella go to camp again this year.  My hope is that the camp will not only be a refresher course in diabetes management since the tediousness of the routine seems to be a struggle for her.  Also at least for one week she can be with other diabetics and maybe she won’t feel alone!!

If you could find Ella a Camp Angel, I would be forever grateful to your organization


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