Dear Camp Angels,

Drew was diagnosed with T1D at age 6 in March of 2013 over Spring Break. As a family we took a leap of faith and turned around and sent him to Diabetes camp in June of 2013, that same year. It was scary but ended up being the best thing we could have done. Drew is growing and has lots of people that call him friend, but he is officially battling anxiety and depression. He is battling by going to church more for which I am so proud. He needs Diabetes camp. He, like many others, has had a hard year. Both grandparents got Covid, and his grandfather nearly died a few times and I have had to basically live with them to keep them going. That is when the high anxiety started.

Brief financial synopsis… My business that I have owned and run for 19 years could not re-open during Covid with the restrictions and we were on half unemployment until August when I got a teaching job. We also have a kid in college and all of it has been financially draining. 2 kids in braces and drivers Ed is on the way. It will be a tough year financially.

If you could find Drew a Camp Angel, we would be forever grateful to your organization.   Yours Truly, Elaine Drew’s Mom


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