I am Molly , a 10 y/o 5th grader who has Diabetes Type 1.    I want to have a fun time with other kids who have Type 1 Diabetes.   I am looking forward to even simply meeting others with Type 1.  I have barely met anyone with Type 1 Diabetes.  I’ve always had my mom and dad’s help for diabetes care, and my sister and I have never been on our own overnight before without family.  

This scholarship would help my parents be able to afford this camp   We have 5 family members,a twin sister and a little brother.  My Dad works while my mom is a very busy stay-at-home mom.  It is not cheap to attend diabetes camp so this scholarship would make it more affordable. 

  I like teaching other people about me.  I don’t mind showing other people my patches and gadgets—a lot of people don’t know anything about type 1 Diabetes, so even though I’m young, it makes me feel good that I can teach others.  And, it’s helpful for others to know about my illness in case there is an emergency.   

***I don’t let Diabetes Type 1 slow me down. I played volleyball and basketball this school year.  Right now I’m in the play, Cinderella, and when the summer starts I’ll be in softball—I am going to try to be the pitcher with this fast pitch softball team!  I can do ANYTHING! 


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