Dear Camp Angels,

I’m writing this email on behalf of my Daughter Maddie. First and for most I’d like to thank the both of you for the financial assistance without that it may not have been possible for Madison to attend diabetes camp and I’m very grateful for your help.

Truthfully I believe the experience she had was one of the best experiences she’s ever had. When I went to pick her up, the reaction I walked into was not the reaction I expected. I walked up to 3 girls genuinely crying, “what happened, what did you do”. Find out they’re crying because they didn’t want to go home. Not what I expected.

She showed me what they did here, what happened there, what nick names that person got, she introduced me to get favorite LIT, her new friends, it was just the way she explained everything, what she’s done I’ve never seen her so full of enthusiasm before, she already asked to come back every year about 8 times before we even got to the car.

She came home with memories she’ll cherish for a lifetime and 2 best friend I hope last just as long. We recently got together, the two Charlottes and Madison and it was if they just saw each other yesterday. Keep in mind we all live quite a distance from each other.

The parents and I have all stated how wonderful it is that the girls have friends that understand what they are going through. Nether one of them have have a friend or family member that have T1, this must be the case for many of the children who attended.

Since camp Madison has seen the different approaches to treating this disease and has encouraged her to understand its not a chore but the way of life. But I believe she learned she’s not alone, that in its self is just as important.



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